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As Fara and Colin sit at a table together, Fara remembers telling Colin about Rain and Colin's subsequent bad reaction. In the present, Fara says she still isn't sure if she can forgive Colin.

Author Notes

So, the first three panels are how Fara and Colin broke up way back in Chapter 12.  This was never shown, which led to an awful lot of confusion for a long time (sorry for that).  Given it was later explained that this is essentially what happened, I considered leaving out this specific depiction. But I decided it might help explain Fara's hesitation to forgive and forget after all.

The big thing I want to focus on here though: is Colin forgivable?  If you were Rain's guardian, would you be having coffee with this guy after what he said?  We've since seen him in Rain's presence, but can we assume he's had a change of heart as Aiken has, or was Colin just biting his tongue for the sake of being civil in front of Fara?  And following all of that, is there hope for Fara and Colin?  Should there be?



December 22nd, 2012:

Colin, listen. My niece...
If you come over for Christmas, you have to understand out situation a little. Rain is transgender. And she's not out as such to all of the family. So, during the holiday, because her brother is staying with us, she's actually presenting as a boy. And I need to ask you to just understand because she's not ready to tell her brother.
...... ...... ...... Is this a joke?
No, Rain is-
Are you insane? So he's your nephew and you're trying to make him into your niece?
That's not it at all. I'm not making her do anything. She's transgender. She identifies as female. I'm simply supporting her wishes to be who she is.
He's a man and he needs to act like one. Tell him to grow a pair and get used to it. Don't just baby that kind of behavior. He's what, seventeen and still playing dress up? What would his mother think of you raising her son like that? And then to lie to me all this time about him...

February 23rd, 2013 - Saturday 11:11AM:

Sorry, Colin. I guess I zoned out for a second there...
I'm surprised you wanted to see me again after all.
Maybe I'm just desperate.
Sorry. That came out wrong.
I was single for a long time before you. And I was legitimately happy in the short time we were together. But when I told you about Rain, you-
Overreacted? Yeah. I'll admit it.
She doesn't know exactly what you said, but she did forgive you. So shouldn't I be able to?
Do you forgive me?
...... ...... ......
I don't know.

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