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Author Notes

This page kind of explains itself here, I think.  Mostly, it's just a lead-in for future developments with these characters later on.  We'll be catching up with all them again a bit later on. 

But next time: the con.  For real.


Think this other guy will work out for Fara?
Maybe. She immediately knew who I was talking about and didn't try to argue with my suggestion like I thought she might.
In fairness, I kinda hoped it'd work with her and Colin. It owuld have given me some hope in boyfriends found on the internet...
If you're talking about Aiken again, I'm guessing Chase was not exactly Prince Charming after all?
Nooo. He's kind of a creeper. And possibly a sex offender.
Ouch. Sorry. I was hoping I was wrong about him for your sake.
Me too!
Do you need some cheering up? Wine and venting about crappy guys when you get done with work, perhaps?
Fara too, if this other guy is a turd too.
That sounds fabulous, Heather. I like the way you think.

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