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Fara introduces herself to Ky and Heather. Ky is presenting masculine, but Heather introduces him as her sister, much to Fara's confusion and Ky's frustration.

Author Notes

Oh my. I’m sure the comments to this should prove interesting… ^_^

Although, in a way it's funny; if this comic weren't ABOUT transsexuality, such a twist would probably be completely out of the blue. Being what it is though, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of you saw this coming.

As an unrelated aside, I personally seem to be incapable of reading this page without craving pizza…


Who's at the door, Ky?
Some weird lady. She says she's our upstairs neighbor.
Hey! My neice and I moved in a couple weeks ago and I thought it was about time I introduced myself.
My name's Fara Bryer. Pleased to meet you.
Well, hi. I'm Heather Coven.
And this is my little sister, Kyile.
I can't believe you just gave me away like that, Heather!
She totally wouldn't have figured that out on her own.
Uh... don't mind her. She just has kind of a strange hobby.
Anyway, we thought you might be the pizza guy. Care to join us for dinner neighbor?

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