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Aunt Fara encourages Rain before her first day of school.

Author Notes

Introducing “dear ol’ Aunt Fara”. Her snarky attitude offers no end to my amusement.

On the table, you may notice a box of cereal. It is a box of “Captain Yum”, a popular breakfast choice among children and adults who refuse to grow up. Even if there’s no actual product placement in this comic, I will make some occasional parodies and homages. Why? Just because I can.


Damn, girl! Looking good!
Oh, Aunt Fara, I'm not...
And modest, too. Isn't that cute?
And I must say: taking so long in the bathroom too? Nice touch! You're going for bloody authenticity, huh?
Uh, yes. Well, I... It takes a long time to get everything just right and I...
Rain. Chill the crap out. I'm teasing you. I know how it is for you.
So stop being so defensive like that or you're going to just give yourself away.
And do remember that your dear ol' aunt will be in a world of trouble too if you were ever found out.
No pressure or anything.
No. Of course not.



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