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Author Notes

Today's page features a cameo from one, Corey Lindsey, from one of my earliest stories: a sci-fi called Black Magic.  This, like most of my other older works, never really saw the light of day.  However, longtime followers of my DA page probably remember this character from my OCSC (Original Character Swimsuit Contest) days.  She was very popular, and - I feel - a good fit for someone who would write and sell girl-love comics.  

In addition, we get a shrunk down version of the abandoned other cover I mentioned in the blurb of the previous page.  I hated the way it came out so much though, so that's probably as closely as I'll ever show it (it almost looks nice when you can't make out details).  However, I will say that it features Ursula and Ellette from Shangri-La.  Excitingly, unlike most other story cameos thus far, Shangri-La partially exists to the public in the form of a playable game demo.  Those two characters don't do any making out in the demo, but it is potentially canon via player choices in the full version whenever I get back around to that.

Emily may not know those characters herself (or apparently how to read manga), but something about this one must've struck a cord with her because she totally just bought a copy. O_O  (And again, since she's under 18, this is not hentai.  It's just a little love story.)


You seem awfully interested in these girl-love fancomics...
I admit I'm intrigued. Is that a problem?
Um... c-can I buy this?
Corey Lindsey:
Sure thing, sweetie.
I'm just surprised. You don't really look like the type that'd be into... that. What ever happened to the father then?
There are so many things wrong with what you just said...
He's not involved in this anymore. With any luck, I'll never see him again. It's better for the baby if he's not there though. Just trust me.
Is there a stepdad or anything?
I'm not dating right now, and I don't plan to anytime soon.
So you and Ryan REALLY aren't a thing?

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