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Originally, I was going to switch scenes today and shift focus to one of the other arcs going on at this time.  I changed my mind, partially because I wanted to close the week with something relevant, instead of starting something new going into the weekend.  I also kinda felt like I should confirm the characters splitting up to do different things before I jumped away.  Soooo, NEXT update, we'll catch up with someone else.

But while we're here, let's talk about the content here.  We've had a lot of focus on Rain's drama and the questions of whether her siblings will accept her or not.  And while Emily has taken the foreground a lot on this matter by defending Rain or arguing with Kellen, her own personal drama hasn't been touched on in a while.

Do YOU think anyone from the school is there?  Do you think she'd continue to deny it, or does it sound like she might try to come clean?


Your brother's a brave soul, offering to stick with Kellen.
Someone has to make sure she doesn't go home and strand us here.
Good point.
Hey... this is off-topic, but do you think anyone from our school is here?
I haven't seen anyone so far, but I don't doubt it's possible. I assume this is about the baby, right?
Yeah, I'm not exactly hiding it. Like I said, I was envisioning this con to be something much smaller. I don't care that your siblings know, but our classmates...
I totally understand.
I knew you would. But maybe I'm being stupid. It's not like I can hide it much longer anyway.
My uniform is already getting to be a little tight and it's only going to get worse. And then when Spring gets here and we're no longer wearing our blazers...
Sorry. I shouldn't burden you with this.
It's okay. Let it out if you want. You've had to deal with my troubles first-hand; I can at least listen to yours.

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