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Okay, so this page is a little clunky.  In its defense though, getting side-tracked when trying to discuss something else is just a common occurrence in my circle of friends.  Sometimes, we might fail to ever reach the actual conversation (don't worry; that won't happen here).  I'm sure I'm not the only one, either.  ^_^

When the script originally had the Kylie/Drew meetup planned for the last chapter, there was no reason to go into detail with it again here.  So the characters ended up talking about a bunch of other things instead.  Today's page is salvaged from that, and definitely one I wanted to keep (even if it does feel a little tacked on).  I mostly just wanted to show Ana again.  She will be back, but she's going to be out of the immediate picture for a while.  Mind you, she's already been out of the picture for a while, so I wanted to give the reminder that she still exists and I haven't forgotten about her.  

Next time: we ACTUALLY talk about Kylie and Drew. XD


Who are you texting anyway?
Should've known.
I gotta meet this Ana chick. Apparently, everyone likes her.
Eh. I don't care for her. She's basically the reason Rain and I broke up, and now I feel like she's leading my best friend on too.
I think she's serious.
I think you're desperate.
Thanks, best friend.
Seriously, check out this pic she sent me. She took the plush I gave her to Valentine's Day with her on vacation. She named it and is even calling it a good luck charm.

On Gavin's phone is a picture of Ana standing, holding the plush with her right arm and doing a peace sign with her left hand

Whoa. She IS really cute...
Good luck for what?
I dunno. In general, I guess.
Boys! Stop getting side-tracked. We all know Ana's pretty, but what's the story with Drew?
Oh, right!

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