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Ooh, sore spot. :O

In Drew's defense, he's got his friends and classmates asking him that sort of question all the time... but in a teasing/judging/condescending way. While Kylie didn't mean any harm in asking him that, hearing it as an "insult" so much could reasonably make the guy a bit defensive about it. The same could be said about a lot of words though; different words mean different things to different people It all depends on our personal experiences. Not that that makes it right for him to blow up at her like that, but I think it's understandable that he did.

As an aside, Kylie really didn't mean any harm. Obviously, unlike Drew's friends, it wouldn't be something she'd belittle him over. She just wanted to make she was understanding the situation. I mean, look at her friend group. 


I really didn't expect this though. It's so weird.
It bothers you that much that I'm a girl?
Come to think of it, you did say you had a crush, but you thought I was a boy.
You didn't want me to show up like this, did you?
Well, i...
Sorry. This isn't exactly a choice. I can't MAKE myself be a boy when I'm not feeling that way, and vice versa. I mean, I can... but I'll be all disoriented and depressed and stuff.
I'm sorry. You look disappointed. I assume you're not into girls then?
That's not it!

Kylie is taken aback by Drew yelling

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