Rain:62: Two People

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Gavin explains to Rudy that he thinks of Rain and "Ryan" as two separate people, and tries to reconcile his conflicting feelings about her.

Author Notes

Really proud of how this one came out. There’s a lot I want to say, but I’m just going to shut up this time and let you all have fun with Gavin’s revelation. ^_^ 


It's kinda complicated.
Please. Do enilghten me.
Well, yes. I did fall for a girl named Rain. But she is apparently one in the same with an old buddy of mine named Ryan.
In short, you're torn because you developed a crush on someone who technically happens to a guy?
Not quite. I'm torn because even after having the truth revealed to me, I can't accept it. I know she's Ryan, but I don't see him when I look at her. She's nothing like the Ryan I remember. So, it's like they're still two separate people to me.
I can't stop thinking Rain is pretty. I'll admit, She just is.
But then I try to remind myself that she's Ryan, and I get sick... and angry...
...and then...
...and then...
...frankly...kinda hurt...

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