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Author Notes

I realize I haven’t canonically mentioned anyone’s ages, but Fara is in her late thirties and Heather is 22. I’m mentioning this now in case someone was going to say something about underage drinking. You’ll notice Ky(lie) (at age 16) is not holding a beer (though I’m sure he’s had it before). 

Also, in case anyone hadn’t caught on yet, Heather’s a little closed-minded (wait, a little?). This of course leads to the butting of heads with Aunt Fara who probably couldn’t be more supportive of transfolk is she tried. 

Highlight of the page: The second to last panel is pretty badass in my opinion. I can’t tell you how many parents I want to say Fara’s line to. 


So, why did you think I was "transwhatever" anyway?
You need to ask? It's probably because of your weird hobby.
Actually, I just know a lot of transfolk, so I thought I knew the signs.
Sounds cool though getting to be both a man and a woman in the same life. I've never met anyone like that before.
You may someday...
Hey, Heather. What would you do if I suddenly decided to get a sex change?
I'd probably kill ya for doing something so stupid.
Not if I can help it, you won't.
You shouldn't encourage weird behavior, you know.
You shouldn't discourage her from being herself.
Oh my god, I love you!
Will you adopt me?

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