Rain:72: Can't Avoid It

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What else can I say that the title doesn’t?


That day, I told him the truth. Looking back, I can't even remember why. I feel like it all happened so fast. He asked what I was hiding, and for some reason, I thought he might be happy to know it was me. So now, I know I should talk to him and maybe try to explain things. But I'm not ready yet. I don't know what to say. And I'm scared that I'll only make things worse.
I admit, I haven't really been talking about it much because I'm trying to avoid having to do it altogether. Like maybe it'll go away and stop being a problem. I know it won't, but I'm really just scared.
It's not exactly my place, but you're going to have to confront him sooner or later. Not only do you both go to the same school, but you have the same classes, and live in the same town, and...
A...and... uh...
And he... is right there...

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