Rain:73: Difficult

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Maria encourages Rain to talk to Gavin, while Rudy encourages Gavin to talk to Rain. Rain and Gavin look at each other awkwardly.

Author Notes

And the awkwardness continues...

This is the last scene-extending filler page, I promise. Next update: actual dialogue!


I... I think you should talk to him. I mean, if I were you, I'd at least want some closure. I know you're nervous, but he really is a reasonable guy sometimes.
And don't forget that I'm right here for you if you need me.
Now's your chance, dude. Just say what you need to say.
Don't think too hard about it, or it'll come out wrong or you'll miss your chance.
But I get the feeling you already know what you wanna say.
Uh... Hey...

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