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Author Notes

See! I told you, you wouldn’t have to wait that long to find out what Maria said! Incidentally, there was not one person who correctly guessed it (I’m kinda proud of that). Some people were on the right track, but just not quite there…

Before this is even posted, I can already here the groaning “oh, come on!” comments, because this seems cheesy or unbelievable or something. Fun fact though: this is a very true story. Rain’s inability to recognize that she’s being flirted with is very much based upon my own. And once upon a time, someone said these words (almost verbatim) to me, and that was pretty much how I responded. Right over my head. I believe it was a few days later that it was spelled out for me and I felt stupid.

Also, keen eyes will notice a paradox in the fact that Rudy is online at SmackJeeves, looking at this webcomic called “Rain” (you may have heard of it). Typically, if I show characters online in my work, they tend to be on my DeviantArt page, but I thought it might be fun to spread the love a bit (this comic is hosted on three sites after all). And SmackJeeves IS notoriously known for having an abundance of boy-love comics, so I figured Rudy would probably like it there anyway. But next time I show a computer screen, I’ll try to give Comic Fury some love too. ^_^


Gavin can like her all he wants. She's not interested in dating right now.
Really? Did she say that?
No, but she's continually shown no interest in those flirting with her
Like the boys at school. Or on the opposite end of the spectrum... me...
YOU flirted?
Name one good thing...
Being like this has allowed you to be the prettiest girl I've seen all night.
Nice! I can't believe you did that! You go, girl!
Wait. So what did she say?
R-really!? Thank you, Maria!
Whoa, seriously!? So innocent and yet so brutal!

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