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Although this could be a very controversial page, I’m left feeling like anything I say could tip the scales one way or the other. So I’m going to just opt to shut the hell up this time.


My compliment didn't sink in with her, but I honestly believe it's because she's just not even thinking about relationships or dating right now.
Think about it. The poor girl's so hung up on the whole transgender thing and passing, that her only real focus is to try and fit in...
...which, ironically, she does much better than she realizes.
Anyway, yeah, it sucked to be shot down like that because yeah, I like her. But I'm not going to push her. I mean, hell, I still don't even know which way she swings...
So if Gavin tries to flirt...
I doubt it. But if he does, he'll be rejected too. Likely without her realizing she did it.
Wait! Did you let Rain go knowing Gavin could screw himself over?
Please, Rudy. I'm not that meddlesome. I'm not you.

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