Rain:83: Gavin, the Stud

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Author Notes

Hoo boy. Have I said yet that it’s going to be a long night? 

The last panel was originally going to feature a short dialogue whispered between Rain and Gavin. But I didn’t like it. Then I decided on a shared thought; that felt iffy too. Ultimately, I stuck with silence as they gave pained, knowing looks to each other. Perfect!


You always stay at ted's place on Friday nights! Why are you here now!?
And... were you crying!?
Forget about that. It's none of your business. More importantly, who is this?
You never once brought Maria over - or did you - but now that you two broke up, you're bringing new girls home within the week. And when you think I won't be home!
My son is such a stud.
No, no no! It's not like that!
See, she lives with her aunt, and uh...
...the aunt's been drinking...
...But she gets... violently abusive when she's drunk...
She... does... ?
Oh, you poor dear! Stay with us as long as you need to!

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