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Simone reacts with horror to the lie Gavin told on the previous page, while Rain attempts to deflect. Rain realizes she has a five o'clock shadow and immediately runs to the bathroom to shave.

Author Notes

Nothing worse than missing a spot shaving or applying makeup. Except maybe not discovering that one has missed said spot until several hours later after having been in public all this time. But it happens to the best of us; even the most careful and neurotic people (like Rain) can be faulted sometimes.

Ah, yes. And Rain DOES have two eyes, see?


Do you want me to have charges pressed against your aunt, or perhaps at least have her put under investigation?
I can make that happen, you know. Just say the word.
Uh... I-It's okay... I don't think anything like that should be necessary...
Sh-she doesn't... She doesn't drink THAT often and um...
It's not okay. You poor thing, your makeup's running from crying so much.
And it looks like you've got a black and blue or something on your cheek. Did she hit you?
Black and blue...? On my cheek...?
But Aunt Fara doesn't ACTUALLY do that...
So, what could...-
OH MY GOD! What if it's five o'clock shadow!?
Sure. It's down the hall; first door on the right.

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