Rain:85: Missed a Spot

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Rain images her five o'clock shadow being a lot worse than it actually is, while Simone and Gavin are unsure if she is okay.

Author Notes

Disturbing page is disturbing… and kinda funny. But I’m only laughing because I have the same complex.

Speaking from personal experience, my worst critic for how I look is myself. Even if one does a PERFECT job of shaving and/or applying makeup, if you stare at the mirror long enough, you’ll find something is awry. Nevermind that you couldn’t see it until your face was literally pressed against the mirror. Nevermind that your extremely trustworthy friend/significant other says that they don’t see a thing. Nevermind that it’s very likely all in your head. It’s there. And you simply can’t leave it! This is a maddening feeling.

On the other hand, sometimes you really DO screw up (nobody’s perfect). Even Rain screwed up. But only slightly. And she WAS caught, but thankfully still not actually read. But for Rain, or any transsexual trying like hell to pass, her imagination is getting the best of her and she sees the worst of it.

:sigh: It’s so damn complicated sometimes.


What everyone else would see: Rain with a very very miniscule dark spot to the left of her face
What Rain sees... Rain with a full beard and mustache

Oh my goodness, the poor thing.
Are you sure she'll be okay?
I... I don't know anymore...

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