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Rain describes her transition goals to Gavin.

Author Notes

Transition isn’t easy. As Rain describes, it’s expensive and it takes a long time (I believe the fastest complete transition I’ve ever heard of was just shy of two years). There’s no quick and easy route for anyone. And if you want/need it, you WILL have to work for it. Period.

But this is not intended to scare anyone from following through with it if they think it’s something they need to do. Rather, I think it’s a good idea - for especially the trans youth - to really know and understand the reality of what you need to do and what has to happen to go through with it. As much as it would be nice to wave a magic wand or find a genie’s lamp or fall into a cursed spring, these options don’t exist. I’m sorry; escapism is nice and fun, but the sooner you accept the truth and prepare for the ordeal that is required of you with transition, the sooner you can go through with it and no longer require the escapism.


I mean, it's a lot of work to keep this up. And expensive!
And it's only going to get harder when I have to go through hormone therapy someday.
Not to mention electolysis and of course, SRS!
What? I don't even know what you're talking about anymore.
It's called transition. That's how I go from being physically male to physically female.
Unfortunately, it does take a pretty long time and it costs a LOT of money.
I kinda thought they just cut it off and gave you implants...
You should do some research. It's pretty interesting what they actually do...
Uh, yeah... maybe...
But how does this all make you normal?
It'll make me - for the most part - like any other girl.
But I still don't see how any of that makes you "normal" if you started out as a guy...

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