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My best friend asked me this question over six years ago when I told him I wanted to transition. It took me off guard (probably as much as my revelation did to him), but as indecisive as I can be, I had my answer (more or less, Rain's answer) very quickly. 

I knew I wanted to use that question in this comic; it was and still is one of the most intelligent things I think I've ever been asked.

You might recall that just a few pages ago, I said, "if most transgender people could just stop being transgender, they would." I maintain this stance. However, to "stop being transgender" to the average trans person, would very likely mean that trans women would just be cis women, and trans men would just be cis men. To go on being the sex we were genetically forced into won't do us any good.

For instance, I read this fascinating article a few years back (I wish I could remember the link). It was about a study, where they tried to hypnotize trans people to make them not trans; in other words, to make them accept what they're given. I don't put much stock into hypnotism as is, but this perhaps seemed somewhat efficient on paper. The idea was to create a faster, safer, cheaper alternative to getting a sex change. Those who were successfully hypnotized, showed that an alarming majority of them either started to show signs of being transgender again in a short time, or they fell into a terrible depression that they couldn't describe; as though they were still deeply troubled by something, but couldn't place why. 

Okay, I promised myself I'd try not to get too preachy with this comic, so I hope these past few commentaries haven't been too much. 


Okay. How about this.
Hypothetically speaking, what if they developed a single, relatively inexpensive pill. One that would make you no longer... like this?
You simply take it one time, and you could enjoy the rest of your life like a normal guy with absolutely no side effects.
Would you take it?
No. I wouldn't.
You didn't even consider it. Why not?
It's easier.
Because the end result is perpetuating the lie I gave when I grew up, and making me less of who I am.
I was never a normal boy. And I never can be. Believe me, I've tried.
In the end, I'm a girl with a boy's body. The only way I can ever be normal is with a girl's body.
I WANT to transition, because I NEED to transition. And I will do this no matter what it takes.

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