Rain:98: The Weirdest Things

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Rain is still hurt from the shelf falling on her head. As Gavin tries to comfort her, Rain holds up Gavin's copy of Fighter Frogs, a video game for the original FES, and recounts her and Gavin's struggles to beat the game together as kids.

Author Notes

Please note: If you’re not a gamer, the following two paragraphs will probably be indecipherable gibberish. If you ARE a gamer, you'll probably appreciate this. Either way, most of what I’m about to say is purely supplemental anyway. All you REALLY need to know is what the page itself showed. ^_^

Anyway, I’ve mentioned this several times before, but there is no actual product placement in this comic. I do love me some parodies, though. There’s no “Nintendo Entertainment System” (NES for short) with games like “Battletoads” in this comic universe. But there is a “Funtendo Entertainment System” (FES for short), featuring a game called “Fighter Frogs”. 

Silly parody aside, it’s basically meant to be the same thing. That is, a very hard but very fun video game for a console that’s well over twenty years old. Incidentally, the Funtendo would realistically be before Rain or Gavin’s times by almost a full decade (since the story is “present day”, they would’ve been born into the generation of the Funtendo 64 and the GeekStation 1). They must be pretty hardcore players to really appreciate such old-school classics though.


Are you okay?
I probably should've warned you that that top shelf falls off if you breathe too hard in its general direction.
Then again, I didn't expect someone who was supposedly sleeping to approach it.
I wasn't as tired as I thought, and started looking at things.

Fighter Frogs game cartridge

Fighter Frogs! Remember this?
We pulled an all-nighter once to try an beat it, but it was too hard and we never could.
You remember the weirdest things.
This is the kind of thing that's important to me.
You mean, video games?
No. I mean, being able to have fun with my best friend.
Hey! Do you still have you Funtendo? I think we should give it another try!

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