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Author Notes

After I did this page, I threw in Battletoads (the inspiration for “Fighter Frogs”, the game they’re playing) again for the first time in probably like fifteen years. I’m actually a rare sort that can proudly say I’ve beaten it once (and only once), but the game was hard enough that I figured I probably wouldn’t do so well anymore if I tried again today. As it turns out, I still remember the game better than I thought and wasn’t actually that out of practice. Personally, I did better than I expected, until I basically got stuck on Level 10. What a beast, that one is.

So, in a way, I feel like I’ve invalidated my own joke for this page. In all fairness, I HAVE had this problem with other games… just not this one. So, it is plausible. Different people play differently too, after all.

Kind of a quickie today. Hope no one minds too much.


Six years ago.

Wow! We got all the way to level 12 together!
I wonder how many there are.

Present day.

Wow! We just got piss-pounded on the first level!
Out of how many again?

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