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Brother Arthur introduces himself to the students of his homeroom, and Rain squeaks.

Author Notes

I hope it’s not too subtle. I wasn’t sure how else to depict Rain’s voice suddenly coming out ALL wrong.

This might sound kind of strange, but this is actually one of my favorite pages so far as it is based on one of my own very epic fails… and epic wins. Who wants to hear about the true story that inspired it? Well, I’ll tell you anyway. ^_^

About five years ago, on what was very possibly my first real outing into the real world presenting as a woman, a couple knowing friends and I went to a diner[sic]. I’m always quiet, but I don’t think I opened my mouth once from the moment we stepped outside. Not until it came time to order. What came out of my mouth though was not the female voice I’d been practicing all along to myself though. It was as though being silent for so long rendered me unable to find it on the spot like that. The end result sounded like Mickey Mouse trying to do falsetto after having already sucked in some helium. I was so embarrassed, and my “wonderful, supportive friends” burying their faces in their menus to try and hide their laughter wasn’t helping. The funniest part: the waitress never caught on (or at least, she never gave the slightest inkling that she noticed anything was up). Maybe she thought it was just some weird inside joke? Whatever the case may be, one of the most embarrassing moments of my life was also kind of a big achievement for me at the same time… because I passed even after practically giving myself away.

So, without fail, I look at this page and I remember that and I laugh. Every time. ^_^

Enjoy, everyone!


Greetings, students. Welcome to senior year. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Brother Arthur Feltman, Dean of Students and your homeroom moderator for this year.
Let's just start with roll call, shall we?
Er... and pay attention. They're not in order since I dropped them on the way up here.
Marie Strongwell
Rain Flaherty
Did she just squeak?
Flaherty? Why does that sound so familiar

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