Aika Nakano

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Aika Nakano is a friend of Fumiko. She is also a friend of Honoka, an unlikely combination that goes far back. They both enjoy making fun of and embarassing Chiaki, which they participate in despite Fumiko's objections.[1]

Character Description

Ai's official character sheet describes her as follows:

One of Fumiko's friends. Aika (who usually just goes by Ai) is a very image-conscious fashion fanatic. She likes to keep up with the hottest trends and the most popular music, and can be a bit boy-crazy. Ai is not shy about sharing what's on her mind, for better or worse. She has openly expressed that she doesn't understand what Chiaki is talking about most of the time, and often gets frustrated when topics of anime or gaming get brought up.

  • Dyed blonde hair and fake tan.
  • Not afraid to tell someone she doesn't like them to their face.
  • Skirt hemmed up to be a bit shorter than regulation, but the school hasn't done anything about it.


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