Centerville is the town in which the majority of Rain takes place. It is a midsized town. We can infer this because it is big enough to have its own mall (Centerville Mall), but too small for skyscrapers or anything else of interest.[1] Centerville is the home of almost all of the cast, the only exceptions being Aiken Flaherty, Kellen Flaherty, and Allison.[2]

Centerville is the location of St. Hallvard High School, the local public elementary school Center Elementary,[3] the local public high school Centerville High,[4] and the local public university Centerville University.[5][6] It also has several coffee shops,[7][8][9] a place with therapists that focuses on gender issues,[10] a pawn shop,[11] an ice cream shop near Center Elementary,[12] and three restaurants: Kindly's,[13] Seventy-Seven[14] and Ben's Diner.