The Other World

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The Other World, as distinct from "Earth", is the place Chiaki found herself after her fall. It is also called the "Lilimverse."[1] Fans sometimes refer to this world as "Lilim world". This world is the primary setting of My Impossible Soulmate and Save the Princess. The setting of the fictional manga Black Wings, Kaminari is based on this world. There is more variation in natural hair and eye colors compared to Earth.[2] Clothing in this world uses similar materials and styles as Earth clothing.[3] Interestingly, some characters' names sound Japanese.[4]

In Black Wings, Kaminari

While it is not explicitly stated that this world inspired the setting of Black Wings, Kaminari, that world and The Other World share many similarities, such as:

  • The author of Black Wings, Kaminari is called Chiaki Koizumi, the same name as the Chiaki Koizumi who fell into The Other World in the year 2000.[5][6]
  • Both Black Wings, Kaminari and The Other World feature Princess Kaminari, Nagisa, and her story of almost being killed at birth.[7][8][9]
  • Rei, a member of Kaminari's team, is also in The Other World.[7][10]
  • Nagisa is featured on the cover of Chiaki Koizumi's 2019 manga, The Second Prophet.[11]
  • Black Wings, Kaminari and The Other World both have the prophet Lilith.[12][11][13]
  • The Other World and Black Wings, Kaminari both mention Lilims.[11][9]


Little is known about the spoken language in the Other World. For as-yet unknown reasons, Chiaki and Rhys understand people when spoken to, and people understand them.[6][14] It is highly probable that there is some magical intervention at play to help unbounds communicate with others, considering that everyone else could understand Chiaki and Rhys, despite the two not speaking the same language. Chiaki speaks Japanese on Earth,[15] and Rhys would likely speak English since he is from the United States.[16] Additionally, it is unlikely that Rhys knows how to speak Japanese, considering that he does not know how to read the language.[17]

During her time in this world, Chiaki has been shown to write Japanese, a language the denizens of this world do not typically know how to read.[18] The written language of this world consists of runes. The formation of the rune characters themselves is fairly simple: Jocelyn has said that she writes the text in English and applies a font called "Myfontrunes".[19][20]


Time seems to flow at the usual rate in this world compared to Earth, at least as far as Chiaki is aware, though the calendar dates between the worlds are not aligned. For example, a September Friday in Japan might be a Saturday in July in this world.[21][22] The discrepancy may be due in part to the mechanism that allows Chiaki to understand this world's verbal language translating the local calendar jargon to a familiar equivalent for Chiaki, without preserving meaningful calendrical equivalence, leading to some information loss.[Citation needed]

Age of Lilim

The Age of Lilim refers to the present era in this world. Its use is analogous to "AD" or Anno Domini in the phrase "2023 AD",[23] though the precise meaning of the phrase is unknown. The Age of Lilim began roughly 3,000 years prior to Chiaki's arrival in this world.[24] The origin of the expression likely has to do with Lilith or Lilim.


The magic of the Other World revolves around seven elemental "alignments":[25]

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Wind
  • Frost
  • Light
  • Spirit (the most versatile, albeit much rarer than others[26][27])

There is teleportation in this world, but this has not been elaborated on (yet).[28]

There is also transformation magic in this world. Transitioning is usually done by consuming a vial on a periodic basis, slowly transforming the person. These vials can cause a myriad of changes, possibly changing eye color, type of demi-human, and taste buds.[29] There exists a cursed choker that can swiftly change one's sex every 9 AM and 9 PM, but quick transformation can leave an exhausting toll on the body.[30]

Transformation magic was coined by the Reborn Lilim Phoebe, a trans woman who was dissatisfied with presenting as male. She spent two decades inventing a transformation spell, then gave out that knowledge for free to everyone. At least three years before Chiaki's arrival to this world, transformation magic can harm or kill people who used it incorrectly.[31]


A Starseer can identify a person's alignment, and optionally "seal" their magic to prevent accidental use. This usually happens soon after birth. Sealing and unsealing is an inexpensive[32] operation that may be performed at any time in a person's life.[25] Demons lose their ability to use magic and activate manually-triggered stamps.[33]


Stamps are a externalized version of a magic alignment, currently only seen attached to items. This is the main mechanism behind much of the technology of this world, allowing them to recreate filtration systems, cooling, heating, lighting, and healing. They are used by people of another alignment, allowing them to somewhat use magic of all alignments.[34] Stamps of one alignment can be created by people with that alignment,[34][35] seemingly with ease.


The humans of this world have various features that suggest a variety of subspecies categories, broadly referred to as "holo-humans" and "demi-humans". There is little known about the history of these subspecies, only that they are all considered "human".[36]


Holo-humans are humans with no "animalistic" qualities.[36][37]


Demi-humans are humans with some "animalistic" features.[36] The known demi-human species include:

  • Skyfolk: Humans with wings; usually white, though sometimes black.[38] Black-winged skyfolk were ritualistically killed due to a superstition,[8][39] until about a decade before Chiaki arrived in this world.[9]
  • Nereid: They have blue skin and fin-like ears. They have the ability to breathe both underwater and on land, and their bodies can adapt to their environment by morphing their lower bodies into legs or a tail depending if they're underwater or on land for an extended period of time.[38]
  • Kitsune: They have fox-like ears and a tail.[38] Their ears have heightened sensitivity,[40] and their expressive tail can easily give away how they're feeling.[41][42]
  • Bastet: They have cat-like ears and a tail.[38]
  • Hybrid: Not much is currently known about them, but they are a type of demi-human.[43]


Demons are former humans with extreme physical strength with a slightly longer lifespan (approximately 140 years). However, demons can no longer use magic, nor can they activate stamps that are manually triggered, such as lamps. Over the past 3000 years, there has been no documented instance of a demon transitioning back into a human.[33]

No one is born a demon;[44] instead, a human must be corrupted. Corruption involves carving a demonic name into the victim, turning them into a demon. If they survive the excruciating pain after this, they can no longer use or answer to their former name or any derivatives, as doing so may kill them.[33] They may use a nickname of their demonic name,[37][45] though it is unstated if they can opt to use another name not related to their former or demonic name.[46]

The Great Demon Lord, Eligos was a demon,[44] though little is known about him beyond the title.



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