Eiji Akatsuki

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Eiji Atatsuki is a skyfolk enrolled the Page Program. He works as a runner, helping patrons find and fetch books inside the Grand Arcane Library.[3] He is best friends with Nagisa.[4]

Character Description

Eiji's official character sheet describes him as follows:

Cool, smart, and athletic, Eiji is often looked to as a leader by his classmates. He doesn't actually like being looked up to, though, and finds the pressure to be kind of a burden. But he's also afraid to let his friends down, so he continues to push himself for better or worse. He and Nagisa refer to each other as cousins, but it's unclear if they're actually related, or if it's just an in-joke between them. But Nagisa is probably the only one who knows the real Eiji.

  • Takes his hair care very seriously.
  • Unlike Nagisa, he can fly.
  • Doesn't talk about himself at all, but he is a good listener.
  • Extremely athletic. Fast, strong, and even skilled with various weapons.


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