Fara Bryer

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Fara Bryer is Rain's aunt[4] and guardian[5] and an art teacher at St. Hallvard High School. She tends to joke about things but she really does care about Rain and takes trans issues seriously.[5][6] Since the death of Rain's parent,[7] Fara has taken care of her niece Rain and supported her in everything.


Fara met Vincent before his transition when they were 21 and 20, respectively[8] (placing it at at least April 3rd 1997). They entered a romantic relationship shortly after. Vincent meets her family when Rain was 2 years old (placing it at at most August 24th 1997).[9] Vincent comes out to Fara shortly after meeting her family, and stays with her for another three years, before he ran away,[10][11] where she thought he has done something drastic for the next 13 years due to his depression.[12] She has tried dating since then, but didn't have much success.[13] When she becomes Rain's guardian, she stops dating for the next six or so years.[14]

She eventually dated Colin for slightly under two months (from October 31st[15] 2012 to December 22nd[16][17] 2012), until she dumped him because he could not accept Rain.[18][19]

On February 14th, 2013,[20] they meet again for the first time in about 13 years,[21] and she asks why he left so drastically.[12] Fara later reinitiates contact[22][23] and gets back together.[24][13][25] She later marries him in the epilogue, roughly seven years later.[1]