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Author Notes

We’re BACK! Yay! The events of the past a month and a half “is an epic tale, full o’ laughter, thrills, and tears”. Bah. Not really. You’re not here for me, anyway, you’re here for Rain. So let’s get to that.

So, as you might be able to guess by our chapter page this time (and the end of the last chapter, if you can even remember it anymore), this is going to be a pretty Maria-centric chapter. Lots of stuff happens, but mostly involving Maria. Most of the characters along the side should be clearly recognizable, but the fourth one in line, Chanel has been only a very minor player until now. You may (or may not) remember her from the Halloween chapter. She and Maria bonded over anime (see p.144 - Lord of Nightmares).

And just a friendly reminder, updates are only going to be twice a week for a little while, every Wednesday and Friday. I hate the wait just as much as you do, and I promise this isn’t going to be permanent. But it’s a necessary sacrifice if I want to keep posting at all AND keep my life in order. So, once again, I thank you all for your patience. Now let’s get ready for some hilarity and melodrama!


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