Gavin Kurz

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Gavin Kurz can a bit abrasive at times, but is really a loyal friend to Rain. He is the only member of the main cast who is both straight and cisgender.[5][6] He tends to overthink,[12][13][14][6] a trait that he inherited from his father.[15] Rain and Gavin have been friends since they were children; this caused him to initially be upset when Rain came out to him as transgender, as she had kept it a secret from everyone since he is her best (and only) friend.[16]

He liked (and still likes) collecting rare and antique robot models.[17][18][19][3] He also moved out of his home shortly after his 12th birthday.[20]

Gavin used to "date" Maria on and off in high school for a period of time[21] due to her fear of homophobia from her parents[22] and peers, until she comes out to the entire school.[23] He used to fantasize about Rain,[24][25][26] before trying his luck with Ana.[27] He takes Ana out on a "not-a-date date",[28][13] and they later begin officially dating[2] around the 27th of May[29] 2013.

In the epilogue, he is shown to be still dating Ana,[2][3] and plans to propose to her at the end of the year.[4]


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