Heather Coven

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Heather Coven is Ky(lie)'s older sister. She initially resented and misgendered Kylie due to her seemingly "not wanting" the femininity that Heather envies,[5] though she later comes around and supports Ky.[6][7] She lives with her sibling and is is in university for most of the story.[8]


Heather has had a few boyfriends in the past,[9] and has kissed Fara once when they were both drunk.[10] According to Ky, Heather claims that she has no interest in anyone, but is attracted to everyone when drunk.[11] She later states that likes things simple and isn't thinking about marriage or a committed relationship.[12] In the epilogue, she is revealed to be dating Kellen.[1]


Heather has Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (CAIS), hence she doesn't have a period and can't have children of her own.[5] She identifies as female — the gender she was assigned at birth — which makes her cisgender. (Although some would call her Ipsogender, which is a way of saying an intersex person agrees with the sex they were assigned at birth).