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Jocelyn Samara DiDomenick is the author of Rainverse Wiki's titular webcomic Rain.

Jocelyn is a transgender woman, and has said that the comic reflects her personal experiences and at one point during a character's coming out, says that "[t]his is a very real and personal story for me".[7][8] From an old FAQ, she states some personal experiences, and they have some parallels with Rain, such as her earliest childhood story being telling her father "I wish I was a girl", her closeting herself until she was 20 due to negative reactions. and having a transmasc therapist.[9]

Jocelyn enjoys drawing, writing, gaming (especially RPGs and retro games), anime (her tastes are "pretty eclectic") and heavy metal (or more particularly, epic/symphonic metal).[10]

Her Rainverse projects include:

  • Rain, a slice-of-life dramedy webcomic about the experience of a high school senior named Rain. This comic started to publish in November of 2010, and is set primarily in 2012-13. The main storyline was finished in April of 2022,[11] with only occasional bonus content coming out.[12]
  • My Impossible Soulmate, a follow-up semi-prequel webcomic to Rain, which started in December of 2022.
  • Magical, a sibling-story to Rain that is mainly prose. It's about a group of transgender kids who all achieve magical forms and abilities that cannot be maintained without risk. Notably includes Carmen Jimenez, who is featured in Chapter 17 of Rain.
  • Save the Princess, an in-development RPG set in the world of and featuring characters from My Impossible Soulmate. It will be released when ready. A Princess kidnapped, a hero and his companions travel to save her. Simple! Or is it?
  • Lavender, Lynn's entry for NaNoWriMo 2007. It centers on a love story between Amanda and Lavie, two girls in a private school. Formerly "Lavender Town". It is currently on hiatus.

Her other projects include:

  • Moonlight Wanderers, an upcoming fan comic based on Pokémon Moon.
  • Silhouette, a different take on the stereotypical Gender Bender story. Exploring the fantasy "wish fulfillment" aspects of magical gender swaps in contrast with the very real and complicated aspects of gender transition in the real world. It centers around Harper, a cisgender guy who wakes up to find he's transformed into a petite cis girl to the frustration of his transgender best friend and confusion of his non-binary sibling. Following their exploits to figure out what even happened, or if it can be reversed or duplicated.
  • The Scars of Redemption, formerly "Something Dark," revolves around three young adults: Garry, Raquel, and Lane. They have all escaped from a facility trying to raise young boys as super soldiers. They struggle to live simple, quiet lives to various degrees of success despite the struggles presented from their youth.
  • Shangri-La, another in-development RPG focusing on a mysterious island that cannot be left. Currently has a short demo.
  • Impure, a fantasy epic with an unknown format between novel and game. It's the story of Roland, a stowaway criminal who's traveling to the Purelands to start a new life.

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All of this, but not impossible...
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