Jude is a member of The Little Bastards. For the last three years, he has worn a cursed amulet, enchanted by "an exceptional wizard" roughly a hundred years before Chiaki's arrival in The Other World.[1] The curse causes his body to swiftly change his sex every twelve hours, at 9 AM and 9 PM,[2] causing him both physical[3][4][1] and potentially emotional pain.[5] The only recorded instance of the curse being removed is when the person died. The choker simply fell off.[1]

Jude appears to have a knack for reading ancient languages,[6] a skill he might have learned so he could figure out a way to remove the curse.[7]

Character Description

Jude's official character sheet describes them as follows:

Jude is another member of The Little Bastards, and likely the most skilled thief among them. But for the last three years, Jude's been stuck with a cursed choker that changes their body's physical sex characteristics every morning and every evening. Though they're used to the results of the changes, enduring the pain of transforming every twelve hours is agony. Jude is deeply interested in cursed/enchanted relics in hopes of finding one to cure them.

  • Abysmal sleep schedule due to their curse. Basically always tired.
  • Apart from shape, their body actually doesn't look that different in either form. Details like their face, hair, and height remain the same regardless.
  • Prefers always being sleeveless.
  • A disarmingly good fighter with great intuition.


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