Kellen Flaherty

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Kellen is Rain's nosy older sister and Aiken's twin.[5]


Kellen used to be engaged to Chase Brenton, but he broke it off.[6] After Aiken was kicked out from Fara's apartment, he moved in with Kellen. Kellen has initially expressed transphobic views[7][8][9][10] and misgendered Rain countless times,[11][7][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][8][9][10][19][20] and at one point cut off Rain's ponytail[21] that took her the several years to grow.[22] She has since been shunned by Rain[23] who saw talking to her as a lost cause.[24] Shortly after being disowned, she starts therapy sessions with Vincent.[25][10] Vincent later theorizes that Kellen is not inherently transphobic; rather, she suffers from abandonment issues that caused her to see Rain's transition as "taking Ryan from [her]".[20]

She has since came around six years later, and finally reconciles with Rain at a meetup in Ben's Diner,[3] and while the latter will never forget what Kellen did to her, they're at least both on speaking terms.[26] Kellen also reveals that she's now dating Heather.[1] Rain shows the letter his father Lorcan gave to her[27] and all three siblings are in tears. They swear to honor their father.[28]


Kellen has not labelled her sexuality but she previously dated Chase[6][29][30] and by the end of the comic, she starts dating Heather.[1]