Kenta Maeda

Kenta Maeda is Fumiko's girlfriend.[2] He has good humor and grades, was crowned star player in his school's basketball team, and has attracted all the other girls in his school. However, he slowly started mistreating (including yelling and namecalling) and spreading rumors about his girlfriend over the span of a few months after they got together.[1]

Character Description

Kenta's official character sheet describes him as follows:

Fumiko's new boyfriend. In addition to being star of the school's baseball team, Kenta is funny and charming and very well liked by just about everyone. However, there are unsettling rumors from his middle school of some shady things he's done to players on rival teams (leading to kids quitting the sport altogether). But no one seems to be able to confirm this, and it doesn't match up with the affable guy he seems to be, so it's probably not true. Right?

  • Always wears team cap outside of school.
  • Potty mouth.
  • Strong pitching arms.
  • Good runner too.


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