Lilith is a figure from the history of Kaminari's world who is widely regarded to be a prophet.[1][2][3][4] She and Sonneillon's influences have reincarnated for eons, fighting each other time immemorial.[5]


Early life

Lilith was born with a purple inverted arrow mark on her right cheek.[6]

Defeat of the Fallen Angel Sonneillon

The details of Lilith's encounter with Sonneillon are unknown, but his death at her hand is mentioned a few times in Rainverse canon. She wielded the Sword of Seven Eyes to kill him. His defeat led to the "Demonic Curse" in Lilim world.[6][7]

The Prophecy

Lilith foretold of Heroes destined to rise "to battle the forces of evil" forevermore. These heroes would be born with the same purple mark Lilith had. These heroes are known as Lilim.[6]


  • A prior incarnation of this character from Bleak Divinity was called Rozzy Johnsten.[8]


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