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Maria Strongwell is the sister of Rudy Strongwell. Maria is very protective of her brother and stands up for him even when he refuses to stand up for himself.[7] In a piece of Raindom Facts from Jocelyn, she has written several Kaminari x Aneko fanfictions under the username "OneWingedLilim", gaining a presence under the short time she has been in the series.[8]


Due to fear of homophobia from her parents[9] and peers, Maria dated Gavin on and off in high school for a period of time,[10] using him as a beard, until she comes out to the entire school[11] in an attempt to find others like her.[12]


High school

Maria and Emily briefly dated before St. Hallvard,[13] until Emily's fear of her mother pressured her to break up with Maria,[14] who responds by cutting her hair out of spite.[15] This earned her a lot of looks and commentary, until she transferred to St. Hallvard where the students only saw her with short hair.[16] Their relationship becomes strained for the next few years.

Relationship with Chanel

Maria started hanging out with Chanel at around November 17th after she came out to her,[17][18] until they confessed their love to each other around Christmas.[19][1] In the epilogue, they are still shown to be together, though their martial status is not directly specified.[20]

Expulsion and moving out

Todd Bittner approached and assaulted Chanel, bruising her arm in the process,[21] when she refused him as prom date,[22] which Maria responded by almost punching him to defend Chanel, but Father Quenton and Brother Arthur walked in as Maria was delivering her punch.[23]

Father Quenton refused to hear any testimony, and expelled her, forcing Brother Arthur to call her parents.[24] Emily helps her to move out with Blair Carver and his boyfriend[25] to escape her parents' homophobia and potential torture.[26] Maria forgives Emily for what they have done years ago.[27]

Her expulsion was reversed thanks to Brother Arthur[28] and because Father Quenton tried to rush it through. Despite this, Maria decided not to go back and decides to finish school in Centerville High.[29]


  • Jocelyn had originally planned for Maria to be cast as the main character of The Second Prophet, but decided that an anime adaptation so soon after the manga's initial release would not be plausible. Maria was chosen instead to play the role of Lilith in the Birth of the Lilim anime adaptation.[30]