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Author Notes 

It’s inadvertent, but this one kinda reminds me of neapolitan ice cream. That aside, I really like it. ^_^ Anyway, there’re a number of significant things to note (but I’m only pointing out the most obvious two):

No school uniforms  - This chapter will be the first to take place almost entirely outside of the school setting. People have wanted it, I’ve wanted to do it, and finally my chance has come. Should be fun. 

That girl on the right - You don’t know her yet. Yes, I’m still introducing characters. There’ll be two new ones in this chapter, but I don’t foresee any need to add more for a while afterward. Not to say I don’t have more characters planned, but it will probably be a long time after this chapter before I bring any other new folks in.

Other subtler things - I dunno. There’re a lot of things. Most of it will be more obvious by the end of the chapter.


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