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Author Notes

So at last, Center Con! Although it wasn't named at the time, it was technically first brought up way back in Chapter 9. I don't know if I originally meant for it to take this long to get here though. Now I worry it won't live up to the hype. That said, the last chapter ended on a heavy downer, so I'm hoping this one will at least lighten things back up a bit. Not to say there won't be drama (I mean, come on! Think about whose webcomic you're reading here!), but I am going to be aiming for something a little more upbeat for a while.

As an aside, virtually all depictions of cosplay or general "anime/manga characters" will be my own characters from other stories (ones that aren't part of the Rainverse though, so no Magical and no Lavender Town). But apart from the occasional Kaminari or Pandora, anticipate me chiming in if there's ever a seemingly random character in the background to tell you where they're from. XD

Foooor instance, on the Center Con banner we have a group of random peeps depicted. While my personal con experience is fairly limited, a commonality I've noticed from knick-knacks brought back by friends, is that anime conventions seem to often have characters that aren't from anything as mascots. Usually it's just some variation of a cute fluffy monster/animal thing, a robot, a swordsman, and/or a cat-girl. 

As such, Center Con's mascots are from left to right: cyborg girl, Camille, a cute critter known as a wüffle, and swordsman-esque hero, Cole (all from three different older works). I don't think I have any cat-girls, so I had to leave that cliche out. The two characters can be found in my 100 CHARACTER CHALLENGE PIECE I did a while back (numbers 37 and 82). The wüffle is something I'd honestly forgotten about until making this page (it might not even be entirely accurate to how I used to draw it ages ago; I don't think I still have any references though).

Getting back on track, I also want to add that Rain is agonizingly cute in this chapter for no good reason. It's so basic, but this may be one of my favorite outfits I've put her in for a while. The orange wristbands, by the way, are just signifiers that they've presented tickets to get in. I'll be seriously impressed with myself if I get through this chapter without forgetting it. XD

Oh, yeah... and I guess there might be some kissing or whatever. I dunno.  Probably no one cares about that. ;P


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