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A flashback shows that ten years ago, Rain was much less interested in the boy clothes her father bought her than in a new video game. In the present, Rain is much more interested in the new dresses Fara got her than in the Yuu Us that Aiken bought for her.

Author Notes

I know. Kind of a short page, but it’s a perfect way to open this chapter. And it includes a rare sighting of Liriel’s face too (first time outside of Volume 1, I think)!

Aiken’s point is one I’ve heard in real life far more often than I like. Many people (not ALL, but many) who do not understand transsexualism are quick to think we’re ready to drop everything and become a completely different person. The ironic thing, is that in 99% of cases, we really don’t change. We ALWAYS had these inclinations, but we couldn’t act on them because we were either hiding it or in denial.

I can tell you for my part, I hated getting clothes for Christmas or my birthday. I just wanted games! But in my eyes, of course I don’t care about yet another shirt and jeans. If my mom had gotten me a dress though, it probably would’ve been a different story. Do I still want the games? Hell, yes! But I can wear my pretty new dress WHILE playing them. ^_^


Ten years ago - Christmas morning:

Ryan. I got you some nice new clothes. Why don't you try them on before playing your new game.
Maybe later, mom.

Present day - Christmas morning

Ryan's trying on the new clothes you got him before the new games I got him? That seems awfully out-of-character from how I remember it.
I'm not so sure. If your mother had gotten HER a dress back then, I bet SHE would have acted the same way then.

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