Rain:1231: Real Name


Author Notes

I like this page. It's amusing, we get to see the rare instance of a chill Debbie, and we even learn a little something about the yearbook. Plus, it's just kinda nice seeing a group of all cis folk coming to realize and respect the name someone asks to be called, without said person having to be there to remind them. It's a surprisingly packed little page. I'd love to hear your thoughts too! ^_^

This whole week has been a treat for me, honestly. I hope you've all enjoyed this little detour even if it does focus on more minor characters. As I've said in a previous blurb, I am very aware of which characters y'all are much more excited to see. Next time, maybe we'll see one or two of them. ^_^


Wow. Remember when Rain had long hair?
Oh, check it out. I guess her name really is Ryan.
So it is. It's a unisex name, though. I wouldn't worry too much about it.
Yeah. I just think it's weird we didn't even know until the end of the school year.
Rain is Rain, though. We just call her what she asks, right?
Just like we don't call Debbie, "Deborah".
My name is actually just Debbie. It’s not short for anything. Please don’t call me Deborah.
And we don't call Holly, "Hollandaise sauce".
Yeah, that's her real name.
No, it isn’t!
You're right. I did need this.
Heeeh... Maybe we should get back to studying...

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