Rain:1294: Kaminari - Chains


In the first episode of the Black Wings Kaminari anime, Onajimi tells Kaminari she can blend in by cutting her wings off. Kaminari retorts that her wings are a part of her and people will have to accept her for who she is, as Rei enters and Kaminari's her shackles.

Author Notes

There's a lot to unpack here. Themes analagous to Rain's story. The name, Lilith, has surely come up before. Rei - the one of Kaminari's companions I've focused on least over the course of the story - coming to bust her out of her shackles.

It's a lot to take note of, but not a lot I'd like to say. So I hope you enjoy this page, and we'll talk more next time. ^_^


That's a truly tragic tale. The Prophet Lilith would be dismayed to hear what your kind are doing...
Regardless, you're down here now. On the surface world. Your black wings are unwanted up there, but any and all wings are unwanted down here. If you can't fly, then either cut them off or at least hide them. You're locked up in here because you stand out too much.
I can't. These wings are a part of me. I would rather walk the earth everyday of my life with people staring at them, than spend a single day without them. People are just going to have to take me as I am.
That's awfully naive of you.
Is it, though? Some people already do.

Kaminari's shackles break, as if by magic.

Wh-what!? What sorcery is this?
It's sorcery. Duh!
Hi, Miss Kaminari! I hope you're holding up well.
I wasn't a big fan of the chains, but I'm doing okay now, Rei. Thank you.

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