Rain:450: Blood


In a flashback, Fara argues with Liriel that she is not one of "those people".

Author Notes

I lose it at the second and third panels every time. XD 

And yet it manages to be a really rough page too. 



Are you listening to me? You guys should go before Marc gets home. He's never going to be okay with this.
Do you hear that, Ryan? Your mommy is being a pontificating windbag.
Ryan, can you say "pontificating windbag"?
Pasta cat bim-bam!
I'm serious. You need to leave. I don't feel like listening to Marc gripe about how I let one of "those people" into the house.
What? I'm not one of "those people". I'm your sister. We're blood.
His words. Not mine.
I promise, she was a lot better before she married that prick.
And here I thought she just didn't like you using big words she couldn't understand.


The English Wiktionary used Fara's statement to baby Rain as an example of a sentence containing the word "pontificating."[1]

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