Rain:569: Delightful Conversation


The Flaherty siblings introduce themselves to Emily, and Emily says she is pregnant. Kellen says a lot of really inappropriate things and Emily snarks back.

Author Notes

Alternate page title: "How to Piss Off All of Your Guests in Three Minutes or Less" by Kellen Flaherty.  Probably can't fit that though.  XD

Originally these were going to be two separate updates.  I really wanted them to be, but on my last read before posting, I didn't feel like the first page made a lot of sense without the second one.  So, there you go.  Two two-pagers in a row.

How do we think this is going so far?  Better or worse than expected?  Has your opinion of either sibling or the overall situation changed since the last update? 

Either way, the weekend's just getting started. 


You two will be staying in the room at the end of the hall. It's where Aiken's been sleeping, but he'll be on the couch while you're here. I just hope the room doesn't smell too much.
What are you trying to say.
I'm Aiken, by the way.
My name's Emily. Just a friend from school. Pleasure to meet you both.
And thank you for having me. I know your sister is one thing, but I'm nobody to you.
It's... no problem, really.
Oh, Emily. Are you... er...
Pregnant? Yes.
Don't worry. It's entirely too early for this one.
Actually, I was just trying to figure out if you were a real girl or not.
But I guess that answers that.
A-a real girl!? As opposed to what? A robot girl?
I just mean, when I was told Ryan was bringing a friend named Emily, I assumed it'd be someone like him.
It's her... And her name's Rain.
Now I'm not so sure about a boy and girl sharing a room.
Two girls sharing a room.
Do you even like girls? That Ruby person I met was actually a boy, right?
U~uh... Long story. But yeah, I do like girls.
Even though you want to be a girl?
That's kind of completely irrelevant.
I'm afraid to ask, but your baby... It's not... um... it's not... Ry-
Rain's? Of course not. What kind of silly question is that?
Shall we drop our stuff off in our room before we continue this delightful conversation?
That Emily's a bit of a character, huh?

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