Rain:934: Although


Author Notes

Half-cute page. Half-drama page. One maybe surprising fact about Rain's past. Details next time. ^_^


Forgive me if I've asked this already, but you've never dated anyone other than Rudy and I, right?
Nope. That's it.
Not for lack of wanting a relationship though. I just didn't know who I was for a long time.
Or I did, but talking about it always yielded terrible results. And I was worried about burdening someone else with me being who I am.
Sorry to hear you had to feel that way.
It's... it’s fine.
It’s better for me now, at least.
Well, I haven’t dated anyone else, but Rudy wasn’t actually my first kiss.
Really? Details!
Well, it’s... I mean it’s a little embarrassing but-
You can’t just open with that and then backpedal! Come on, Rain!
Okay, okay!

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