Rain:Rain Delay 1


Wherein we learn of Rudy's 108 secret talents, and Maria's unwavering demand that people call her Maria.

Author Notes

Note: Reads from up to down. If you're reading across, you're doing it wrong. Sorry.

Wait, what? What is this!? An off-day comic? Introducing Rain Delay!

Done in the spirit of traditional manga (well some of them), where the back of the book would have a couple non-canon gags often making fun of the work itself in the form of 4koma comics (see above). I've got tons of these planned. Although I'm saving them primarily for worst case scenarios where I fear I may be late on a page (hence the name), or best case scenarios where I publish a graphic novel someday, I thought I'd show off some silliness as long as we're between chapters anyway.

Anyway, sometimes these will be deleted scenes (removed for pacing or whatever) or sometimes they'll be alternate versions of existing scenes and yet other times, they'll be just me poking fun at my own work... like bloopers. Yes, comic bloopers. Anyway, the point is, just remember that whatever happens in Rain Delay is non-canon. I'm not saying it can't offer insight on the characters or anything, but the real purpose of these is just to be silly fun. ^_^

The World May Never Know...

Because I really did ask myself if the situation that happened on page 16 really made sense. I mean, COULD Rudy have actually seen anything? I'm sure if I paid more attention in math class, I could have actually come up with an equation to prove it, but as it stands, I really just don't know.

As for Rudy's 108 Secret Talents, well... apparently we really shouldn't ask. Actually, that's an anime reference. First one to guess which gets a free llama.

Alternate Introduction

I really wanted to make this point in canon actually, that Maria does not approve of the modification of her name. As much as this dialogue made me laugh, it really comes off WAY too mean. Realistically, Rain would probably never talk to her again after this. Not to mention, what with Maria trying to stealthily score a date, the "mean bitch approach" might not be in her best interest...


At the top is the title "RAIN DELAY".
There are two sections; the left is titled "THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW_", and it contains:

So, when we bumped into each other in the hall, did you actually...see, um... you know...
...um... because I was thinking that it really shouldn't have been possible for you to see anything based on the light and angle and whatnot.
Well, you're right. I didn't see a thing. I just knew. I can locate male anatomy anywhere. It's one of my 108 secret talents!
108 secret talent—
No, you fool! Some things are better left unknown!

To the right is a section titled "ALTERNATE INTRODUCTION". It reads:

Your name's Rain, right? My name is Maria Strongwell
And by the way, that's Maria. No exceptions.
Not Marie.
Call me anything else and I'll kill your face.
So, do you want to be friends?
I'm too afraid to say "no".

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