Redginald Lewis

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Redginald Lewis, simply known as Redge,[2] is the master librarian of the Grand Arcane Library,[3] and is the creator and main advocate of the Page Program.[4] He is friends with Nara, and is a mentor.[2] He himself was also a page.[4]

Character Description

Redge's official character sheet describes him as follows:

The Master Librarian of the Grand Arcane Library for the last twenty years (and still worked there for a long time, even before that). Redge started the Page Program, which offers shelter, education, and work to youths from difficult backgrounds (which acts as a primary setting for the early stages of the story). Redge is a kindly, respectable man, ready to act as a mentor for anyone who asks.

  • Once had the most glorious, flowing locks.
  • Always looks a little tired, but he loves the work he does.
  • Very happily married for over thirty years.


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