Rhys Nevins

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Rhys Nevins is an unbound[2] who is also a member of The Little Bastards. He is currently in a relationship with Bonnie.[3][4]

Character Description

Rhys' official character sheet describes him as follows:

Bonnie's boyfriend, and second-in-command of The Little Bastards. Rhys is also an Unbound, originally from the US. He was found by Bonnie, and the two have been nearly inseparable ever since. Much like how Bonnie doesn't miss her previous life in the castle, Rhys doesn't miss his before finding himself in this world. In fact, while the others in the team know he's Unbound, they don't know much about his life before coming here.

  • Always has this red bandana around his neck.
  • Devoted to Bonnie and the other Little Bastards.
  • Acclimated very easily to this new world.
  • Tallest member of the team by kind of a lot.