Rudy Strongwell

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Unlike his sister, Rudy doesn't care what others think of him and is quite the gossip. Rudy is rarely seen without his trademark smile, but underneath, he is a complex person.[5][6]

Rudy has a tendency to spill everyone's secrets (at least, when he doesn't know their importance).[7] For example, he revealed Maria's homosexuality to Gavin.[8] However, he has been working on better keeping secrets.[9][10][11]


Contrasting with his sister, Rudy doesn't care if everyone knows he is gay.[8] However his parents are strictly religious and intolerant of his homosexuality, and sent him and his sister to St. Hallvard High School in the hopes he could be "cured".[12]


During Halloween, Rudy dressed up for the first time as a girl to support Rain.[13][14][15] He has dressed as a girl a few times since then and has become quite skilled at it.[16][17][18][19][1] He also occasionally dresses as Ruby in his room alone.[20]


Ruby developed a crush on Rain. He called her his "exception".[21] They broke up when it turned out Rain didn't like him back.[21][22] However, the two have remained friends since then.[23][24]

In Chapter 44, he is revealed to be dating Ryan.[1]


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