Ryan Dixon

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Ryan Dixon senior student at St. Hallvard who is introduced as Aidyn's prom date. Though largely friends with the younger students and initially not particularly close to any of the main characters, he gradually befriends Rudy.


Early life

Not much is known about Ryan's early life other than the fact that his father ran a pawn shop named Pawn to C-4, which Ryan would eventually begin working at. It is implied that Ryan was interested in antiques long before he began working at Pawn to C-4. At some point, Ryan transferred to St. Hallvard.

2012-2013 school year

On March 11, Aidyn gathered up the courage to ask Ryan (then closeted and possibly unrealized) to go to prom with him. Ryan accepted Aidyn's offer, though he noted he would prefer not having to wear a dress to prom. At some point in the school year, Ryan realized he was transmasc after he learned that one of his mother's coworkers came out as a trans man as well. However, he learned of this after a transphobic tirade about said coworker from his parents, so he was worried about coming out.

Meeting Rudy