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Before anyone lunges at Kylie for dropping that bombshell, do keep in mind that she was never explicitly told not tell anyone. If you look back at Chapter 20 (when she learned about this), Emily very clearly tells her and Rain not to tell anyone about her sexuality. She never relays that request to Ky in regards to the pregnancy though. As far as Ky knew, all of Emily's classmates were probably aware.

Whoops. ^^;


But you've never dated? Really? Is it because of the whole genderfluid thing?
Does everyone know these words better than I do?
I don't know. Maybe. I think my problem is that I crush on everyone at some point, but I'm kinda ADD about it.
I liked Rain when I first met her, but I never really think about her like that anymore. Maria's hot. And Chanel too. I get the feeling they're not into having a third party though. Oh well.
I've felt attracted to both of you guys too. I think our whole group, really. I just have some smexy friends, you know.
But then... nothing happens, and I just move to the next crush. I have such a short attention span about these things.
And then I just never ask anyone out. I'm scared I'll be a crappy partner who can't commit.
You know I had a crush on Emily for like five minutes too. But then I'm like, "she's all preggo though, and I probably shouldn't be getting involved in that."
She's WHAT!?
She's WHAT!?
You didn't...?
Oh, crap! Was I not supposed to say that?

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